Plaster Cast Medallions

Rome, Italy
Circa 1850
Retailed by Giovanni Liberotti

This beautiful box set of plaster cast medallions was most likely purchased from the retailer Giovanni Liberotti in Rome, Italy by a Grand Tourist as a souvenir of his or her trip to Italy. The 204 miniature “sulphurs”, arranged in six wooden trays, depict famous sculptures, portrait busts, and paintings from ancient time up to contemporary neoclassicists such as Antonio Canova. This object would be very appealing since it would afford the traveller the opportunity to bring back miniature replicas of all the art masterpieces available to experience while in Italy. Accompanying the set is the original booklet elegantly hand scripted and bound in marbleized paper that identifies each medallion by its corresponding number.

Height: 7¼” Width: 13½” Depth: 9½”

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