Parian ~ The Three Marys

Dated 1852

Often, the representations of Biblical scenes were some of the finest and most complex figural groups in Parian. This group depicts a scene from the Bible described in Mark 16: 1-4 in which three women Mary Magdalene; Mary, the mother of James; and Mary Salome arrive at the tomb of Jesus to discover that the stone acting as a door has been rolled away. Upon entering the tomb, they are shocked to find it empty, and are told of Jesus’s resurrection. An identical figural group is pictured in The Parian Phenomenon as Fig 97 on page 69. Underneath this piece, one will see the mark for Minton, another for the date 1852, and the Minton figure shape list number 271.

Height: 13 ½” Width: 10 ¾” Depth: 7 ½”

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