Parian ~ Massachusetts Governor John Albion Andrew

Mid-19th Century

This fine parian figure depicts Governor John Albion Andrew of Massachusetts after the work of American sculptor Martin Milmore. Published by Jones McDuffee & Stratton, a Boston china and glass dealer, this example was most likely produced by an English firm. Other works published by this firm were made by Robinson and Leadbeater. The detail and quality of this example are exceptional. The full figure Governor Andrew is quite rare. Also a work by an American sculptor of an American subject is very rare. The only other statuette of Andrew we have seen was illustrated in an article on parian by Ellen Denker. The detail from the hair and face to the beautiful robes is exquisitely done. Printed in brown ink on the back side of the base is his famous quote: “I know not what record of sin awaits me in the other world, but this I know, that I was never mean enough to despise any man because he was black.”

Ellen Paul Denker, Ceramics in America, Parian Porcelain Statuary, Page 70, Figure 7.


Height: 21”

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