Parian ~ Lady Godiva

Circa 1870

The legend of Lady Godiva started 200 years after the famous nude horse ride allegedly occurred. Most medieval scholars agree that the ride never took place, however the story certainly provides fruit for the cause of compassion for commoners and personal sacrifice to achieve relief for them. Popular classical sculpture of the 19th century included stories of myth, legend, English lore, and biblical literature. Plaster as well as parianware provided the vehicle for the period collector.

This pristine parian figure is marked LADY GODIVA on the front of the plinth. COPYRIGHT RESERVED / COPELAND is stamped on rear of plinth and the signature of the sculptor, RMonti / 1870, incised in script on the back of the robe. The same figure is illustrated in The Parian Phenomenon, Fig. 515, page 152.

Height: 21½”

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