Four-Lt Solar Chandelier

Boston, Massachusetts
Circa 1850
Attributed to Henry N. Hooper and Company

A virtually identical six light chandelier to this four light example is illustrated in the 1850 Henry N. Hooper and Company Trade Catalogue. The four light version is listed as Number 609 on page 5 of the Descriptive Catalogue. This chandelier exhibits a beautiful two-tone gilt lacquered finish and fine details in its castings. The chains are composed of cast leaves and the canopy of floral and foliate components. Flowers emerge from behind the large central castings. Terminating the arms are nice stamped fonts topped by fine frosted and cut solar shades.

Reference: Gowitt, Gerald T. 19th Century Elegant Lighting Argand, Sinumbra, and Solar Lamps. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2002, pp. 28 and 30.

Bronze, brass, and glass
Height: 48”

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