A Set of Twelve Neo-Classical Dining Chairs

Circa 1820

This superior set of dining chairs is a complete original set as both the seat frames and rails are consecutively numbered I to XII. The turned and spiral-carved crest is raised above a beautiful foliate-carved medial with a spiral-carved rosette. These have been covered in a harateen from Scalamandre incorporating period appropriate techniques and materials.

For information on secondary woods see Susan Solny, Studies in the Decorative Arts, The Bard Graduate Cente, Some Unusual Stylistic Preferences in New York Cellarette Design, 1810-1834, Volume V, Number I, page 107.

Mahogany (secondary woods: birch and spruce by micro-analysis)
Height: 32¾” Width: 17½” Depth: 19¾”

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