A Regency Sinumbra

Circa 1835
Phipson and Lambley

This Regency sinumbra embodies one of the most unique designs encountered in this lighting form. A beautifully rendered dragon has coiled itself around the standard of the lamp as its outstretched wings support it. The scales are wonderfully articulated and gradually diminish in size until they reach the pointed tip of the tail. The head of the dragon emotes a menacing expression showing its sharp teeth and prongs of the forked tongue. A beautiful patinated finish with gilt highlights complements the details and a fine frosted and cut shade tops the lamp. The entire form is indicative of the Regency period love of the exotic as in the fanciful interiors at the Royal Pavilion at Brighton. PUBLISHED BY PHIPSON AND / LAMBLEY MAY / 10 1834 is stamped under each of the dragon’s wings.

Bronze, brass, tin, and glass
Height: 33 ¼”

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