A Regency Plaster Figural Lamp

London, England
Humphrey Hopper

The firm of Humphrey Hopper was one of the premier manufacturers of plaster busts and figures in the early Regency period. Plaster casts, generally in the form of classical figures, were used as elegant supports for interior lighting. This figure holds an argand lamp in a patinated finish with gilt highlights. It is held in the raised hand of the lady in a bayonet fitting. The plaster modeling trade reached its height in the early 19th century. These figures would be bronzed to give them a feel of Regency interiors. This large figure appears to retain its original painted surface imitating patinated bronze. The elegant female figure is draped in a Classical robe. A pitcher at her feet is decorated with a wide Greek key border and grape clusters spill out of an overturned bowl. Inscribed on the rear of the base is: Nov. 1. 1806 H. Hopper London. 

Plaster, bronze, brass, and glass
Height: 35 ½” Width: 14 ½” Depth: 11 ½”

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