A Regency 4-Light Suspended Argand

Circa 1825
Attributed to James Smethurst

Offered in an original all-over patinated finish, this handsome argand chandelier might best be described as Regency in the Gothic taste. The large canopy is composed of cast leaves and flowers. Underneath the canopy, squared hooks hold the four chains and a wide rosette is attached to the plate. The chains are assembled using beautifully cast links joined with rings cast with pointed moldings. Small rosettes are screwed into the center of each link. The chains are secured to the body of the chandelier with fanciful serpent s-hooks. The font resembles a large octagonal shaped Gothic urn. Large cast leaves are attached around the center of the font which is topped with an elegant Gothic finial. The borders of the shade holders are cast as lilies. The body of the chandelier is decorated with a complex composition of cast leaves and berries. Each arm terminates with an octagonal-shaped molding and is adorned with a different bust. Ornate brackets emerge from the pan to hold the chains. A large Gothic-like finial completes the decoration of the body of the chandelier.

Bronze, brass, and glass
Height: 44” Width: 25 ¼”

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