A Regency 4-Light Argand

Circa 1835

Years ago, I originally saw an image of this lamp in an unidentified Regency lighting pattern book at Winterthur. When I first saw the design, I wondered if such a lamp would have ever been produced since I had never seen anything like it. You can imagine my delight when I saw this lamp had actually been manufactured. It is offered in its original two-tone gilt-lacquered finish. A large bulbous shaped font has elegant foliate handles. From an octagonal shaped hub, four curved feeder tubes are reeded and decorated with long undulating foliage. The wide flattened drip cups are complimentary but vary from the design in the pattern book. A tall cylindrical shaped standard rises between two pairs of Classical dancing maidens of which two are playing lyres. A large octagonal shaped plinth supports the lamp.

Bronze, brass, and glass
Height: 33 ¼” Width: 19” Depth: 19”

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