A Pair of Regency Argands

London, England
Circa 1820
James DeVille

This pair of beautiful Regency argand lamps are remarkable survivors. They still retain their internal tin fonts with their original plungers. In the base, the original tin reservoir remains where the oil puddled before entering the feeder tube. On the top of each lamp, an eagle perches on a branch with its wings outstretched. When the cover is lifted, it reveals the original tin font inside the cover. The decoration on each side of the lamps depicts a lady with a pair of swans in her hair. On the sides of each arm of each lamp, there is a cast decoration resembling a stylized  sunburst. One of the most unique features of these lamps are the burner covers in the form of flower buds. A brass tag of the burner tubes reads: J. DEVILLE / 367 STRAND / LONDON.

In the furniture reference book, Regency Furniture 1795- 1830 by Margaret Jourdain on p.98, Fig. 236, a four-light colza chandelier is illustrated. It is engraved with the maker’s name, James DeVille, and is dated 1817. The same eagle appears on the top of the font.

Bronze, brass, tin, and glass
Height: 10” Width: 6 ½” Depth: 12 ¾”

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