A Classical Mixing Cabinet

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Circa 1835

This fine cabinet is topped with a rectilinear Egyptian marble above a conforming molded frieze which conceals a drawer ornamented with foliate carved elements. The base has a door, which is adorned with a gothic arch and scrolling vines. The whole is supported on semi-circular feet. Of special note are the exquisite crotch mahogany veneers.


Mixing cabinets are uniquely American furniture forms. These were made to be used in the dining room and like sideboards offered secured storage for liquors, glasses, and serving pieces. The marble top offered an excellent surface for mixing drinks. Southerners termed the piece a “Ham Table” as it was more often used for carving ham than mixing alcoholic beverages.

Mahogany, poplar, pine
Height: 38” Width: 31” Depth: 18½”

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