A Classical Library Chair

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Circa 1835

This beautiful Classical library chair is designed in the Gothic taste. The pedimented crest rail is adorned with a quatrefoil within a rectangular frame. The tall curved back holds a separate upholstered frame. Arm supports with large upholstered pads end in delicate scrolls. Each arm can receive the reading stand with a brass pivoting arm and an adjustable surface for books. The sides of the arms have two cutouts in the shape of Gothic arches with delicate floral carvings. The seat is contained in a frame utilizing the early use of hand-tied springs. An arcade of Gothic arches adorn the front sear rails. The legs are raised on brass ferrules and casters.

Mahogany, (Secondary woods: pine and poplar)
Height: 48 ½” Width: 24 ¾” Depth: 32”

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