A Classical Hall Lantern

Boston, Massachusetts
Circa 1825
Attributed to Boston and Sandwich Glass Company or New England Glass Company

This beautiful Classical hall lantern features a clear glass shade with fine cutting depicting a grapevine and clusters of grapes. The smoke bell is crafted with the  proper folded edge. It is suspended from a small turned canopy by diminutive links of chain. A stamped brass collar decorated with grape leaves and clusters holds the elegant brass arms for securing the chains. The collar holding the slotted vent at the bottom is also composed of a stamped design of grape leaves and clusters. A cast brass vent unscrews from this collar to facilitate using a peg lamp for illumination. This lantern has never been electrified and still retains a glass peg lamp. Very often the fitting on this type of lantern is believed to hold a candle but this example shows how lanterns were originally set up with small glass peg lamps. The peg lamp is beautifully cut to match the lantern.

Glass and brass
Height: 27” Diameter: 11”

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